/ˈmæli / (say 'malee)

1. any of various Australian species of Eucalyptus having a number of almost unbranched stems arising from a large underground lignotuber, as E. dumosa: *we passed scatterings of ironbark and bloodwood trees, odd clumps of mallee and groups of tall anthills glowing blood red in the late afternoon –al grassby and marji hill, 1988.
verb (i) (malleed, malleeing)
2. (of a tree) to exhibit the growth habit of a mallee.
3. fit as a mallee bull, extremely fit.
4. strong as a mallee bull, very strong.
5. the mallee, Also, the Mallee.
a. any of various semi-arid areas in NSW, SA, WA, and especially Victoria, where the predominant species is a mallee.
b. Colloquial any remote, isolated, or unsettled area: *The Brolga or Australian crane / Holds dancing orgies on the plain; / And students of the Russian Ballet / Have crept in crowds across the mallee / Far beyond the desert grasses / To where the Brolga holds its classes –leon gellert, 1964.
{Australian Aboriginal; ? Wembawemba mali}

Australian English dictionary. 2014.

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